Starting out in 1985 as a general screen printing company, Amacord quickly established itself as a specialist printer to the vehicle number plate industry. Mainly printing borders and logos on both the clear plate or reflective backing, our quality with fast turnaround and keen pricing soon established Amacord as the premier printer to the top two number plate manufacturers in the UK. In 1994 we were asked if we could develop and produce the alphabet and number transfers used in the manufacture of vehicle licence plates. What at first seemed to be a simple task for a printing company turned out, in our quest for perfection, to take twelve months of continuous research and development. This extra effort though has been rewarded in that now due to their reliability, consistency and ease of use, we believe that Amacord now produces one of the best if not the best sub-surface licence plate digit in the world.

Since 2001 there have large inroads made by digital printing in the traditional market for number plate transfers. It's now becoming evident though that transfers still have a very important place in plate manufacture, nothing could be simpler than using a good quality transfer in their manufacture. Our sub-surface number plate digits are renown for their reliability and any mistakes made by the operator are easily rectified by simply peeling of the offending transfer. There is no need to scrap the reflective and no need to spot out. For the smaller end user or one using square or motorcycle plates the added expense of going digital is probably not justifiable. We at Amacord think that sometimes there is a case for saying 'technology for technologies' sake'. One could say that at least with transfers you don't even need mains electricity. With this in mind we at Amacord know that there is still a good future for our digit transfers. And by the way, if you do have a requirement for screen printing we have the ability and technology to print on most substrates using the full range of inks available.