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We would like to welcome you to SFF Hosting's new website. After 4 years of providing excellent website hosting services, we are proud to say we are sticking to what we do best! Website Hosting. With our new website we are also bringing you a range of new hosting packages and of course at the lowest prices.

Aiming to be the cheapest on the internet, but still providing the same excellent service that we have always provided, we know it will be hard for you to find a better host for your website(s). With experience in website development and design, we can also advice you with the packages provided by SFF Hosting. Instead of trying to make more money by advertising website development services, we would rather ensure your website is in the safest place.

In the past we have considered, and in many cases succeeded with, providing website development and design. We believe that offering too many services is worthless to the customers, who mean the most. So sticking to hosting, we can ensure your needs are met and we won't be busy doing other jobs when you’re in need of our help.

Use our simple online ordering system to purchase your preferred website hosting package. This has been developed by SFF Hosting without the use of pre-made systems, to ensure a fast and easy transaction.

We have realised that too many website hosting companies lose potential customers with their boring, long-winded ordering system. Ours is so simple you will be registered and using your account within minutes.