There's no doubt that for certain types of cycle racing such as professional road racing or time trials the use of tubular tyres over clincher hold certain advantages. Some of these advantages include greater puncture resistance, improved ride quality and a lighter wheel. Unlike the clincher type tyre though, tubular tyres must be held in place by an adhesive. Initially liquid glues where extensively used for this function but these could be slow drying, messy and have harmful vapours. The introduction of double sided gluing tapes changed all of this in that these adhesives are dry, instant and of very low odour. In fact if there is any problem at all with gluing tapes it is in their application and eventual removal off the rim. We believe our new product TubTape easily addresses these application and removal issues for the following reasons.

Flexible Liner

TubTape uses a highly flexible adhesive strip and liner. This flexibility allows the tape to be easily moulded into the rim profile with a high degree of alignment accuracy. The ease with which TubTape moulds itself to the rim also means that ripples and puckers are a thing of the past.

Tear Resistant

TubTape's liner is not only flexible but strong and highly tear resistant too. This tear resistance allows for the easy removal of the liner, after applying the tyre to the rim, without the breakup associated with the paper type liners.


Eventually there will be need, for whatever reason, to remove the tyre from the rim. The problem with some tapes is that they can leave a messy glue residue on both the rim and the tyre which can be problematic to remove. With this problem in mind TubTape uses a specially formulated adhesive held within a cloth reinforced tape, this means that on removal most of the adhesive adheres to the cloth tape not the rim or tube.


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